More Stash Minimizing

I have three more project casualties.  Boy, once I’ve made up my mind to get rid of a project, does it feel SO good!  It’s just such a weight off my shoulders.  I have really been delving into reading other craft blogs and watching YouTube channels.  I love to see what others are doing.  It’s interesting to see what people have on their to-do list.  But I would be insanely stressed if I had a fraction of the projects some crafters have!

Two days ago, I bought and started another cross stitch project, which I will post.  But that instantly added more weight on my mind.  It was finally time to make a couple of tough decisions I had been delaying.  And now that they’re gone, I’m super happy with my decisions.

First project to go:


This is the finished design.  And here’s all the work I had done:

Obviously, this was not a hard decision, in the sense that I would be trowing out a lot of work.  But it was hard because it IS pretty.  My thought cycle about this project would go:

  1. I need to minimize my project stash.  Anything I just want to get rid of?
  2. Yes!  The lighthouse!
  3. *pulls it out and looks at it* …but the colors are so pretty…
  4. Well, maybe I will do this someday…

And around, and around we go.  Finally though, I had a thought which made me okay with letting this go.  I don’t have to hold onto something just because I think it is pretty.  It’s okay to go on gut feelings.  When I just go by my gut, I get excited at the thought of finishing my other projects, even the one I’ve had for 10 years!  Yet this project never excited me.  My honest gut feeling was that I would NEVER finish this.  Even if I finish all of my other WIPs, I would just buy more projects before doing this one.  Ultimately, I don’t need any *reason* to get rid of this project, other than that I wanted to.  It is now in my donate pile. 🙂

My next project to go:


And my work:

This one I did much more work on.  I worked on this in early 2008, and I never really liked it.  I liked the perspective of looking through the arch, but once I got started on it, I didn’t like the colors, the tons of half cross stitches, or even the subject matter.

What made this difficult to get rid of, was that it was the piece I worked on while I studied abroad for a semester in Norwich, England.  I had hoped that one day I would put it on my wall, and remember my travels every time I looked at it.  But honestly, my gut is telling me I’ll never finish it.  I have pictures, a couple of other small stitches, and, of course, my memories with which to remember that time.  Goodbye Tuscany.

This was easy:

This is a Zenbroidery cloth I bought for a couple of bucks.  I thought it might be fun to mess around with learning new stitches and go crazy with colors.  However, I love cross stitch because making X’s is just so brainless.  I found this project to be too stressful; just bought it a couple of weeks ago, had no time to get attached, and chucked it!


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