Crochet Temperature Blanket

One day in July, Pinterest randomly threw me a pin of a crocheted Temperature Blanket.  My mind was instantly blown.  It was such a cool idea that I spent hours researching it.  It’s pretty basic, really.  Starting January 1st, add one row a day, with a color that corresponds to the temperature high in your hometown, for an entire year.  My problem was, it was July and I was not going to wait 6 months to start this awesome project! What to do?

Luckily, my birthday was in August, so I was able to make myself wait until then.  And behold, my temperature blanket, one full month in.


These blankets, by their nature are VERY large.  You have to add 365 rows.  I found a small stitch that I still thought would look awesome- the Mossy Stitch.  It’s simply alternating a chain and single crochet.  I did a sample swatch for gauge with an H hook, and I figure I will end up with a blanket 87 inches long.  So I made it 65 inches wide for a good proportion.  As you can see, it hangs over both sides of my queen size bed slightly.

What’s fun about the temperature blanket design is that you can completely tailor it to your specifications.  You can include 5 colors or 15!  You can do a temp range from 32-90 or -20 to 110!  I live in New England, so I needed a broad temp range.  Originally I chose 12 colors.  1 color for each 10 degree range from 0-100, plus a color each for anything above and below that.  However, being super type A, I tallied the temps of the previous year, and it never once got over 100.  Hmm.  Then, I realized, that while we do get sub-zero temps, those are never the day’s high.  The lowest high we had the previous year was 7.  So, still using the 12 colors, I shortened the ranges to 7 degrees for each color, and created this chart.


I’m using Red Heart Love yarn.  Most blankets I saw use a typical rainbow color scheme.  But once I chose my yarn, my local store only had one red and two pinks for “hot” colors.  I hate pink.  Therefore, I had to be a little more creative, but I’m super happy with these colors!

And here’s the close up of one month.



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